Hi, I am Bettina. As a truly international executive coach and trainer, I help senior professionals to succeed as strategists, communicators and leaders.

I have worked with CEOs, board members, policy makers and senior professionals from over 100 countries to help them develop their positioning, master the media, manage crises, elevate their leadership skills and build resilience.

I have high-level corporate experience myself: leading teams, stepping in as interim CEO, and serving on the board of a stock-listed company.

My mission is always the same: to help executives when it gets tough.

My approach draws on a mixture of high-level corporate expertise and a unique coaching philosophy that is informed by my own transformation journey. The result is an energetic, safe and supportive environment which fosters growth and transformation. 

Multilingual and a global thinker, I love giving workshops in places like Silicon Valley and Malaysia – or even on the top of a Swiss mountain. Admittedly, and more and more since COVID-19, I also like staying home in Brussels to work remotely, or with the EU and other local clients.