Moderating a strategy discussion for a global player, with 5 panellists, 300 managers in the room and 100 countries virtually connected. Client feedback: ‘Was connecting remotely, and noticed how engaged and active our participants were over there. Proud of the work you have done.’

Board Member training and helping launch a Forum of national Communicators for Europe’s banking resolution authority, SRB. Client feedback: ‘Many thanks for your expert facilitation. We were delighted with the running and outcome of the event, which was a very important one for us.’

Speechwriting and coaching support for a leader’s award address at the ‘Golden Victoria Award for the European Idea of the Year’. Feedback from this top captain of the industry at the end of the coaching program: ‘Our sessions were a lot of fun and I took a lot with me and was able to apply/implement it in concrete terms.’

Acting as Master of Ceremony for the Brain Innovation Days, a 2-day global event, bringing the brain ecosystem together to foster dialogue, exchange knowledge, accelerate investment and facilitate business development. Client feedback: ‘Everyone agrees that your role was key to the success of the conference’.

Helping Members of the European Economic and Social Committee campaign invite their local stakeholders to vote in the EU Elections. Acting as lead facilitator. Client feedback: ‘Not only was the symbiosis between the three of you close to perfection but the content was absolutely interesting & valuable, and spot on what the Group was eager to learn/develop more.’

Crisis drills for full leadership teams from the aerospace, banking, energy, healthcare, industry, lifestyle, and transport sectors, as well as public policy. Feedback from one of our clients (Fortune 100): ‘You ran a brilliant drill for us. […] We’re a pretty seasoned team, but everyone at some point felt uncomfortable over the two days and that is exactly where we should be.’

Stepping in as CEO for European Multiple Sclerosis Platform in its transition to new leadership. 

Podcasts on ‘ ‘How great leaders communicate (and what they avoid)’, ‘Communicating with P.A.S.S.I.O.N.’, ‘Leading in a Hybrid world’ and why leaders need to step up their game in front of a camera’. Feedback from podcast host and bestselling author Oliver Aust: ‘Bettina is the most featured guest on Speak like a CEO for a reason: her unique insights into the minds of leaders in business and politics and her guidance how they can become better leaders with communications.‘


Preparing an international leader in Geneva and New York for BBC HARDTalk, CNN and other international interviews. 

Contributing with two podcasts, a book chapter and event moderation to Eo Ipso’s ‘Speak like a CEO’ campaign.

A thank-you gift received by a Rear Admiral from the US Navy US I trained to give a TED-like talk in front of an audience of 600 at a gathering of coast and border guards. For the event, I also prepared executives from European armed forces, customs, police and the European institutions to give free, meaningful and inspiring presentations.

Helping the leadership of an international organization communicate with local and international stakeholders in a conflict region. Feedback: ‘HUGE THANK YOU for your state-of-the-art training, for showing the highest standards of dedicated coaching and personal commitment. We learnt a lot not only from excellent coaching sessions but also from how you communicate and treat the audience.’

I’ll be happy to provide client references.