Moderating a strategy discussion for a Fortune 100 company, with 5 panellists, 300 managers in the room and 100 countries remotely connected.

Board Member training and helping launch a Forum of national Communicators for the Europe’s banking resolution authority, SRB. 

Speechwriting and coaching support for a leader’s award address at the  ‘Golden Victoria Award for the European Idea of the Year’

Helping Members of the European Economic and Social Committee campaign invite their local stakeholders to vote in the latest EU Elections.

Crisis drills for full leadership teams from the aerospace, banking, energy, healthcare, industry, transport and public policy sectors.

Stepping in as CEO for European Multiple Sclerosis Platform in its transition to new leadership. 

Preparing an international leader in Geneva and New York for BBC HARDTalk, CNN and other international interviews. 

Contributing with two podcasts, a book chapter and event moderation to Eo Ipso’s ‘Speak like a CEO’ campaign.

A thank you gift received by a Rear Admiral from the US Navy US I trained to give a TED -like talk in front of an audience of 600.

Providing a six-part training to the European Federation of Neurological Associations on how to engage with stakeholders in the virtual world. Preview the materials by clicking on the link below.

I’ll be happy to provide client references.