About me

I chose to work on what I do best and love most

Having coached and trained leaders from over 100 countries, I am sometimes asked how I learned the tools of my trade. 

Since my student years, I have been passionate about helping others grow and achieve their goals. In the 90s, I organised mid-career training for journalists and wrote speeches for the German Chancellor. During the first decade of the millennium, I worked as a director in a renowned global communications agency, helping public and corporate players in their positioning and stakeholder outreach. In 2012, I decided to set up my own business focusing on strategy, training and coaching.  

There is a deeper story behind me concentrating on strategy and capacity-building. During my agency years, I led big teams and worked on big contracts. In 2006, I changed direction: diagnosed with a chronic condition I needed to put my health first. I gradually moved away from being “just“ a senior manager to work which I could do at my own pace and which reflected what I do best and love most: strategy shaping, truly international consulting and executive capacity-building. You could say that it was here where I found my professional purpose. 

Six years after that initial career shift, I was ready to set up my own business. I knew that I could draw on the wealth of experience gained during my agency years, which had left me with a strategic mindset and deep understanding of reputation management for public policy and corporate business. 

It turned out to be invaluable that I had been coached by the world’s best communications trainer (in my eyes) and that I had teamed up with former BBC journalists for many top-level training sessions. It also helps that I speak six languages, four of which are real working languages. 

Nowadays I work with clients and colleagues from all over the world. 

My lifelong love of learning continues to shape my approach to my profession. In 2012, I added executive coaching to the mix and have focused on strengthening leadership skills ever since. In 2016, I stepped in as interim CEO for a European Association representing 700.000 patients – a tough but incredibly rewarding experience. Since 2022, I serve on the Supervisory Board of a stock-listed company. 

If you want to find out more about my background and what I’m up to, my LinkedIn is regularly updated. 

Or you can say hello at bettina@bhconsult.eu

Bettina Hausmann have coached and trained leaders from over 100 countries