Training and Facilitation

I support companies, start-ups, public policy players and associations in developing their positioning and messaging; in interacting better with their internal and external stakeholders, so as to deliver on strategy; and in getting prepared for the event of a crisis. I also help senior professionals increase their signature presence and assertiveness, handle media interviews and present well.

Communications and leadership are closely linked and I am particularly passionate about the area of resilience. This focus no doubt stems from my personal background. 

As part of my training, I draw upon a range of approaches and techniques from the worlds of Public Relations; Leadership Capacity-Building; Learning & Development and Executive Coaching. 

For me, training is teaming up for a journey. My workshops are tailor-made and interactive, taking place either face-to-face, hybrid, or virtually.

The needs and resources of participants always take centre stage and my training is always adapted to meet specific requirements. Participants frequently provide feedback that I bring about deep change and that they appreciate the light, positive energy I bring into the room.

I also love to support clients as a facilitator and moderator, for events of all sizes, provided that the theme speaks to me.

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